More about ePosition

More about ePosition

Everybody has email to communicate each other, sign up for services, and even identify yourself in both online and offline world. Now email acts like an ID for you.

What We’re doing is the same to “THINGS”. We are backend software platform that gives email-like ID to internet connected things. It uses # (pound mark) instead of @. And we named it ePosition. ePosition is a Univeral Resource Identifier(URI) that every “thing” owns an email-like address type of identification, for example ‘’.


There are more than one billion websites and four billion email accounts in the world, but we can still reach the exact destination that we are looking for. It is actually an incredible thing, because it is same as the situation that you can find the exact person among 5 billion crowd, always! Imagine that you are playing ‘Where’s Waldo’ with 5 billion characters. It is almost impossible to find him without a guide. However, it is possible on the internet easily by the unified protocol such as IP, http, and @ in email, which is the way to designate web address.


Now, we face the ‘Internet of Things’ era. According to Gartner, the number of internet connected things will be more than 26 billion in 2020. However, the unified protocol has not formalized for IoT yet, so each of IoT platforms has different system now. There are some ways to give ID to things now – for example, Allseen Alliance, Open Connectivity Foundation and The Physical Web. Each of groups uses different protocols. Allseen Alliance which has more than 200 members including Qualcomm, LG, Microsoft and Phillips now uses ‘unique name’ and ‘well-know name’. The unique name is like an IP address with numbers and dots, and the well-known name is similar to http protocol which is composed of words and “/” with hierarchy. For example, the unique name can be ‘120.35’, where the well-known name of the same thing can be ‘/org/alljoyn/lg/laptop/Austin/1’.


On the other hand, Open Connectivity Foundation which has members such as Samsung, Cisco, GE, Intel, etc uses CoAp and the Protocol Message Format. The form of CoAp is similar to IP and http combined, for example, ‘oc://’. The Protocol Message Format is easier and human understandable way of CoAp like the well-known name above. It can be just ‘/ge/fridge/sample/14’ for the same thing.

The Physical Web by Google insists that people can use IoT protocol with http as it is. If there is a vending machine by Pepsi, the http address such as ‘’ can be given for the ID.


Things with different protocols may not identify each other, even though in IoT environment, things are expected to identify, connect and work each other without human managing. Therefore, a chaotic situation can be occurred along with this disorder. Imagine that we are using different protocol each other on the internet without IP and http. Although someone gives you a name card with ‘http’ website, you may not open it, because your browser may not support the http protocol! This can happen in IoT environment that we are facing now. Moreover, these identification ways are quite complex, not easily recognizable by human, and hard to be created by customers. There are only a few people memorizing and creating http and IP address.

To solve this problem, we developed the identification system – ePosition, and registered 18 patents in 11 countries including Korea, U.S., Canada, China, Japan and India. ePosition is email-like account type of identification using #, instead of @. For example, if there is a Galaxy S7 manufactured in Austin, Samsung company can give its name

Every ‘thing’ supporting ePosition can easily find out each other, regardless of software platform, manufacturer, OS or wireless communication system – like email account being always working on any server, operating system or browser. Even customers can make an ePosition name for the purchased product, if the company supports the ePosition system and server like creating an email account. If the name is overlapped by existing one, they just can choose another name. Therefor, each of ePosition name cannot be overlapped in any situation of course.


In a word, ePosition is unique, human recognizable, machine actionable, and easy to make or memorize. We are dreaming of the future that ePosition will be the URI for IoT with http for internet address and email for human connection.

Now we provide ePosition open API for free. Please visit ePosition open API page and find out what you can do with ePosition.

Want to try ePosition Demo? Click below and try ePosition to Http link Demo.