ePosition DEMO


We provide ePosition demo for you to try ePosition as a virtual address(id) for other protocols. Now, we provide ePosition to Http demo.

※ Note : ePosition demo is only for web, not for mobile. We’ll provide ePosition mobile application soon.


1. Download and install the add-on below, it will work on both IE and Chrome. If the installation needs ‘Run as administrator’, please click yes.


2. Click the sample eposition address below – apple#eposition.com – to check the add-on is properly installed.

If it works well, it will guide you to the www.apple.com.


※ Make sure that if the External Protocol Request pop-up appears on Chrome, please click the check box and Launch Application.




3. Now, you can make your own eposition id to make a link to an http address you want. The description is not mandatory.



4. Try to type your eposition name on your browser address bar with “epo:”.

For example,  epo:apple#eposition.com